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Physical Address:

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Offices and Resources

Admissions 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2460 #8329
New Orleans, LA 70112
sphtmadmissions@tulane.edu 504.988.5388 or 800.676.5389 (toll free in the U.S.)
Fax: 504.988.0907
Student Experience 1440 Canal Street Suite 2460 #8329
New Orleans, LA 70112
sphtmstudentexperience@tulane.edu 504.988.7111
Fax: 504.988.0907
Office of the Deans 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2400 #8301
New Orleans, LA 70112
sphtmdo@tulane.edu 504.988.5397
Fax 504.988.5718
Career Services Career Services
1440 Canal St. Suite 2460 #8329
New Orleans, LA 70112
Job postings: sphcareers@tulane.edu
Appointments: sphtmadmissions@tulane.edu
Alumni Alumni Coordinator
1440 Canal Street, Suite 2400 #8301
New Orleans, LA 70112
vaucoin1@tulane.edu 504.314.7631
Fax: 504.988.5718
Student Housing 204 S. Saratoga St.
New Orleans, LA 70112
deming@tulane.edu 504.988.6275
Fax: 504.988.6213
Student Government Association   sphtmsga@tulane.edu 504.988.2074
Campus Health Services 127 Elks Place, Room 261-EP3
New Orleans, LA 70112
https://campushealth.tulane.edu/content/email-directory-1 504.988.6929
Fax: 504.988.3217
University Bookstore 1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112
Website 504.988.5204

Departments & Programs

Biostatistics and Data Science


  • Department Chair: John Lefante, PhD
  • Administrative Program Coordinator: Farhana Chaudhry
  • Email: bios@tulane.edu / Phone: (504) 988-2042
Degree Program Program Director
MSPH in Biostatistics Arti Shankar, PhD
MS in Biostatistics Jian Li, PhD
PhD in Biostatistics and Data Science Sudesh Srivastav, PhD


  • Department Chair: Jiang He, MD, PhD
  • Department Manager: Therese Carter
  • Email: epi@tulane.edu / Phone: (504) 988-6809
Degree Program Program Director
MPH in Epidemiology Susan Hassig, DrPH
MS in Epidemiology Tanika Kelly, PhD
MS in Clinical Investigation Jiang He, MD, PhD
PhD in Epidemiology Emily Harville, PhD
Global Community Health and Behavioral Science


  • Department Chair: David Hotchkiss, PhD
  • Department Manager: Gale Marie Abass / Doctoral Programs: Anita Jobson
  • Email: gchb@tulane.edu / Phone: (504) 988-5391
Degree Program Program Director
MPH in Community Health Sciences Maya Begalieva, MD
MPH in Health Education and Communication Alyssa Lederer, PhD, MPH
MPH in International Health and Development Eva Silvestre, PhD
MPH in Maternal and Child Health Carolyn Johnson, PhD
MPH in Nutrition Digeo Rose, PhD
DrPH in Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences David Seal, PhD
PhD in Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences Alessandra Bazzano, PhD and Mai Do, MD, DrPH (for inquires about application and admissions)
Environmental Health Science


  • Interim Department Chair: Chuck Miller, PhD
  • Department Manager: Geraldine Neville
  • Email: enhsinfo@tulane.edu / Phone: (504) 988-5374
Degree Program Program Director
MPH in Disaster Management Stephen Murphy, PhD
MSPH in Environmental Health Sciences Charles Miller, PhD
MSPH in Industrial Hygiene Roy Rando, PhD, CIH
PhD in Environmental Health Sciences Charles Miller, PhD
Health Policy and Management


  • Department Chair: Lizheng Shi, PhD, MSPharm, MA
  • Department Manager: Alison Rinehart / MHA Program
  • Email: ghmp@tulane.edu / mha@tulane.eduPhone: (504) 988-5428, MHA Program: (504) 988-1313
Degree Program Program Director
MPH in Health Policy Charles Stoecker, PhD
MPH in Health Systems Management Gene Beyt, MD, MS
MHA in Master of Health Administration Emily Harris, MHA
PhD in Health Policy and Management Charles Stoecker, PhD
Tropical Medicine


  • Department Chair: Ronald Blanton, MD, MS
  • Department Manager: Katherine Mosier
  • Email: tropmed@tulane.edu / Phone: (504) 988-6369
Degree Program Program Director
MPH&TM in Tropical Medicine Mark Wiser, PhD
MS in Tropical Medicine Eric Dumonteil, PhD
PhD in Tropical Medicine Dawn Wesson, PhD

Other Programs

Peace Corps Programs   globalscholars@tulane.edu (504) 988-6737
MD/MPH Program Adam Maese mdmph@tulane.edu (504) 988-7055