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Environmental Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences is training the next generation of public health leaders with the knowledge and tools to address environmental health threats through research and hands-on practice experience.

Our students gain a solid environmental public health foundation including toxicology, exposure science, data science, climate change, and risk assessment. They also have the opportunity to apply their training to a wide spectrum of environmental health issues to develop equitable interventions across populations.

About the Department

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences (ENHS) graduate programs are designed for students to gain a range of expertise in environmental public health topics including air and water quality, toxicology, exposure science, climate change, risk assessment, and risk communication.

We offer specialized tracks for students interested in focusing their studies in industrial hygiene or disaster management and a competitive PhD program for students interested in focusing on research.

Our goal is to prepare students for careers in high-demand areas of environmental health research and practice.

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Health Sciences!

Melissa Gonzales, MS, PhD