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New Student Orientation: Fall 2020

Time Activity & Zoom Room 
8:45–11:45 AM Orientation Morning Session – Zoom #1
11:45 AM–1:00 PM Networking Lunch and Success Fair. Visit as many Zoom rooms as you are interested in.
  • Zoom #2: SGA and Student Organizations*
  • Zoom #3: Campus Health
  • Zoom #4: Global Scholars
  • Zoom #5: Career Services (will offer 3-minute networking tips “on the 15s” in their break-out room)
  • Zoom #6: Delta Omega
  • Zoom #7: Office of International Students and Scholars
1:00–1:30 PM Departmental Breakouts for On-ground Students Zooms #9-#14 (one for each dept.)
  • Faculty and Staff Introductions
  • Flipped Classroom Demonstration
  • Common Watch Discussion: Contagion
  • Practicum
  • Individual Faculty Advising
1:30–4:00 PM Online MPH Breakout – Zoom #15
  • Academic Residency Program
  • Practicum
  • Mentor Programs with Lacey Allen
  • Faculty and Staff Introductions
  • Common Watch Discussion: Contagion
  • Flipped Classroom Demonstration with Dr. Ho
  • Online MPH Team Building
  • Library
4:00–4:50 PM Discussion about the Common Watch film Contagion, moderated by [Dean LaVeist? A few chairs?], introduced by David Chae, ScD, Associate Dean for Research – Zoom #16
4:45–5:30 PM Networking Reception with Alumni, Faculty, and Staff – Same Zoom with Breakout rooms