Global Scholars Program

What is Global Scholars?

The Global Scholars Program strengthens students’ readiness to be a Global Health Professional by providing career development and cultural and social awareness in a dynamic cohort of School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine peers. Global Scholars Coordinators provide students two monthly seminars, monthly service opportunities, networking events, and one-on-one support. Global Scholars develop valuable skills for their International work and are a part of a unique community dedicated to international development and global health.

Tulane SPHTM has a long affiliation with the Peace Corps. Hundreds of graduates have gone on to pursue Peace Corps service where they have been able to directly use the skills learned in the classroom to assist communities around the globe. Participants gain insight from the experiences of the many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) at SPHTM, including the Coverdell Fellows, the Global Scholars Program Coordinators, and many faculty and staff. 

This new program is not limited to students going into Peace Corps. Students pursuing other international work and service opportunities are welcome to participate as Global Scholars. 

Join the Program

Participation and membership is initiated upon your arrival to New Orleans as a graduate student in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Program Requirements:

  1. Attend bi-weekly seminars throughout each semester.
  2. Engage in community service events with New Orleans partner organizations every month.
  3. Submit a reflection piece to contribute to The Internationalist.

Program Benefits:

  1. Develop technical skills for international work
  2. Gain professional skills from our Career Services programs
  3. Access extensive alumni database and networking events
  4. Be a part of a strong community of RPCVs and peers with similar passions
  5. Improve your language skills through Language Lab and conversational language groups
  6. Opportunity for Global Scholars Program travel funds– each year, Tulane SPHTM GSP offers five $1,000 travel grants to GSP members to help fund their expenses for international practicums and internships.

Example Curriculum:

Spring 2018

  • Cultural Humility
  • Compassion Fatigue in International Health Work
  • Medical Practices Across the Globe
  • Career Services - Interview Workshops
  • Emergency Disaster and Relief
Meet the Current Coordinators

2024-2025 coordinators are coming soon!

The Internationalist

The Global Scholars Program magazine, The Internationalist, is published once a semester and is a collection of pieces submitted by current students, both at Tulane and overseas, as well as currently serving and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The magazine highlights different aspects of global health and international work from many different perspectives.

Cover image fro The Internationalist tMagazine, young woman jumping up next to a swimming pool.

Check out the 2022 issue of The Internationalist.

The Internationalist Archives

Notes from the Field Archives (the first Peace Corps programs newsletter at TUSPHTM)

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM) has been the number one Peace Corps Volunteer-producing graduate school for 5 years in a row (2014-2019). We are deeply passionate about the mission of Peace Corps and are dedicated to supporting volunteers throughout their academic careers.

RPCVs are considered to be valuable assets to the student experience here at Tulane. They offer a unique perspective on global development work and bring a more practical experience to the classroom. Tulane SPHTM supports students who are RPCVs by creating a community of like-minded peers where students can interact and connect with one another academically and socially. By including all RPCV students, faculty and staff into the activities of the Global Scholars Program, along with the official Coverdell Fellows Program, Tulane SPHTM creates a unique community dedicated to improving global health.

Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship

Tulane SPHTM welcomed its first Coverdell Fellows in the fall semester of 2017. The Coverdell Fellows program is an opportunity for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) to pursue graduate studies with specific benefits such as financial assistance. To learn more about our dynamic Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship, click here or contact

Meet the Current Coverdell Fellows

The 2024-2025 Coverdell Fellows will be posted soon!

Previous Coverdell Fellows >>

Resident Initiative in Global Health at Tulane (RIGHT)

The Resident Initiative in Global Health at Tulane (RIGHT) program will provide skills and training to residents interested in a career path in global health. By offering opportunities for residents to expand their medical knowledge and experience internationally, the program aims to add to the community of ethically guided advocates for evidence-based holistic approaches to equitable care, locally and abroad. The program includes five core components: education, mentorship, international rotation, scholarly project, and local clinical experience.

Current Masters' International Students

If you have any questions, please contact the Global Scholars Program Coordinators.