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Study: Rising cost of racial and ethnic health inequities in US surpasses $450 billion 

Racial and ethnic health inequities cost the United States economy $451 billion in 2018, a sharp increase from the previous estimate of $320 billion in 2014, according to a new Tulane University study published in JAMA. Researchers also found the total burden of education-related health inequities for persons with less than a college degree in 2018 reached $978 billion, about two times greater than the annual growth rate of the U.S. economy that same year. Keep reading >>

Study finds elevated levels of toxic metals in some mixed-fruit juices and soft drinks

A new study has found that some commonly consumed beverages contained levels of toxic metals that exceed federal drinking water standards. Five of the 60 beverages tested contained levels of a toxic metal above federal drinking water standards, according to the study from Tulane University. Two mixed juices had levels of arsenic above the 10 microgram/liter standard. A cranberry juice, a mixed carrot and fruit juice, and an oat milk each had levels of cadmium exceeding the 3 parts per billion standard. Keep reading >>

New Tulane SPHTM research reveals link between healthier lifestyle choices and a longer life

In anew study, participants who adhered to the AHA’s Life's Essential 8 had an average of 8.9 more years of life expectancy at age 50 vs. those who didn't. Previous studies only linked healthier lifestyles with healthier hearts and an avoidance of chronic disease -- not longer lifespans. The new research indicates "that you can modify your lifestyle to live longer," said lead study author Dr. Lu Qi, a professor of epidemiology and director of the Tulane University Obesity Research Center. “Our study is the first to report the relation between these new metrics and predicting life expectancy, how long you can live,” he added in an interview with WWL. Keep reading >>