Research Highlights

Carbon emissions vs. diet quality chart

Keto vs vegan: Study of popular diets finds over fourfold difference in carbon footprints

For those on keto or paleo diets, this may be tough to swallow. A new study from Tulane University which compared popular diets on both nutritional quality and environmental impact found that the keto and paleo diets, as eaten by American adults, scored among the lowest on overall nutrition quality and were among the highest on carbon emissions. Keep reading >>

New synthetic skin may unlock blood-sucking secrets of mosquitoes

One by one, mosquitoes are captured by a handheld vacuum and released into a clear plastic box. After taking a moment to adjust to their new surroundings, the mosquitoes smell blood and swarm to the source. But instead of finding a creature to feast on, they buzz toward a vessel of scarlet blood flowing under a small square of clear synthetic skin and begin to feed. Keep reading >>

Testing strategies to reduce opioid harm

Overdose deaths remain a leading cause of death in the United States, primarily involving opioids. Thanks to participation in a newly established research network, Dr. David Seal has the opportunity to test strategies to better reach those at risk. Seal, professor in the Department of Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences, has worked with a team at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for more than two decades in HIV/AIDS-related research. In 2017 the team parlayed their relationships with community-based organizations and both state and local health departments to turn their attention to injection drug use. Keep reading >>