Collins C. Diboll Research Excellence Fund

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The Collins C. Diboll Research Excellence Fund supports research at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM). Full-time SPHTM faculty may apply for funds to support a wide range of research activities, including:

  • Funds to support travel to a research or scientific meeting which involves leadership or other significant involvement of SPHTM faculty, and which would enhance the research visibility of the School;
  • Funds that facilitate the dissemination of research to the wider scientific community or that will result in enhancing research visibility of SPHTM, such as funds to organize research meetings;
  • Membership in a scientific society that involves leadership in the organization and which would enhance the visibility of SPHTM research and Tulane’s presence;
  • Funds to establish new collaborative relationships with external partners, including community organizations, or to develop research networks with academic institutions to support research activities;
  • Funds to support research-related professional development, e.g., cost to attend workshops that will expand the faculty member’s substantive or methodological research skill set;
  • Research supplies, equipment, or software;
  • Pilot, preliminary, or seed funds for research that will support the submission of an extramural grant application, with prioritization on research that involves new interdepartmental collaborations within SPHTM;
  • Support for temporary, hourly research assistants to work on a specific project or activity for a limited time (not ongoing), e.g., data analysis or literature review for a manuscript or grant application, referencing a proposal, and other specific short-term work;
  • Honoraria for external grant reviewers and fees for grant writing consultants;
  • Other research activities not included in this list provided there is sufficient justification.

Applicants should write a request for funds (not to exceed two pages) indicating: (1) description of the proposed use of funds; (2) rationale for the use of funds, including how the award advances the faculty member’s research and professional development and goals, and/or increases the research profile or visibility of SPHTM; (3) how the use of funds will enhance research at SPHTM, including productivity, and if applicable, how the proposed activity can be leveraged to support future external grant submissions; and (4) the amount of funds requested and timeframe for the use of funds. Within two months of utilizing funds, awardees agree to provide a brief report of the outcomes of the research activity.

Award amounts range, from $250 (e.g. for honoraria for external grant reviewers) to $2,500 (e.g., funds for pilot research). Awards may not be used to support faculty or key personnel salary. Approximately $11,000 in total funds is available each fiscal year. Requests that are reasonable and well-supported will be awarded depending on the availability of funds. Proposals are accepted continuously and will be reviewed by the SPHTM Research Advisory Board. Please direct questions about these awards, including funding availability to David Chae, Associate Dean for Research (