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Biostatistics and Data Science

The Department of Biostatistics and Data Science advances biostatistics, bioinformatics and data sciences by conducting original methodological research, collaborating on interdisciplinary research teams, training students in the application of biostatistics and bioinformatics methods and public health data analytics, and providing high quality services to the academic, research and professional communities.

About the Department

The Department of Biostatistics and Data Science has expertise in biostatistics, bioinformatics, genomics, biomedical informatics, big data and data analytics, including data capture and data management.

The BIOS faculty take great pride in providing a strong nurturing learning environment and are very accessible to students. Faculty are highly engaged in collaborative and independent research and encourage student participation in research projects both within and outside the department. 

Faculty serve on interdisciplinary research teams and provide expertise in statistical methodology, sample size estimations, data analysis, techniques for handling missing data, design of experiments, robust estimation, survival analysis, analysis of microarray data, genomics and proteomics. 

Faculty research areas include biostatistics methods and applications, bioinformatics related to cancer, osteoporosis, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, health informatics and data analytics, big data, data capture, management analysis for large clinical trial studies.

John Lefante, PhD
Professor and Chair