three men and one woman alumni walking in children's hospital, one in scrubs

Health Policy and Management

The mission of the Department of Health Policy and Management is to conduct health management and policy research and to prepare a diverse group of future managers and leaders to improve healthcare delivery services, increase access to healthcare, reduce health disparities, and advance healthcare policy worldwide.

About the Department

Faculty in the Department of Health Policy and Management investigate the impact of financing models, organizational structures, processes, and social determinants on quality, cost, and access to healthcare to improve population health in both domestic and international settings. 

This department prepares students to meet the ever-changing demands of health care, public health, and health policy environments using financial models, organizational structures, and social determinants to improve quality, contain costs, improve access to health care, and address health disparities for all populations.  We envision a future where our graduates enhance their quality of life by improving public health and healthcare delivery systems worldwide.

Areas of faculty expertise include health policy, organizational theory and behavior, management, economics, medicine, law, sociology, political science, and statistics. Faculty have experience in leadership and policy in healthcare organizations, national nonprofits, and international agencies and healthcare systems.

Arthur Mora, PhD, MHA

Professor and Chair