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Tulane Health Policy Case Competition

The Tulane Health Policy Case Competition gives teams of undergraduate students an opportunity to apply their talents and knowledge to put together a solution to a given health policy program. Students will have an opportunity to interact with school faculty in the course of constructing their solutions. Top teams will present their solutions to a panel of experts for detailed feedback.


Teams of up to three undergraduate students create policy-based solutions to a given problem. A workshop will be provided shortly after the case is released. Teams will construct power point presentations on solutions to the problem. Finalists will present to a panel of judges for real-time feedback. 


The winning team will receive $3,000 in cash to divide evenly among the winning team members.

2020 Case Prompt

This case asks teams of undergraduate students to take the rallying cry “Defund the Police” and translate it into detailed and actionable policy. While the phrase can be controversial, this prompt asks you to consider how to reallocate some city resources rather than abolishing the police department entirely. The scenario imagines that you have been tasked by the city council to develop a policy proposal to move some service responsibilities from armed police officers onto other city workers, possibly creating new branches of government. A good policy will build on existing infrastructure and detail budget impacts without requiring new funding streams. The council has set forth the goals of reducing the need for police intervention with preventative measures, rethinking what professionals are most appropriate for some types of contacts with citizens, and not compromising public safety.

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