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Doctoral Programs

The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine currently offers the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD).

All doctoral programs require a minimum of 72 credits beyond the bachelor's degree, independent research, and a dissertation.

Students enter the doctoral programs with a prior master’s degree. Credits earned in a master’s degree that directly applies to the program of study may be applied toward the doctoral degree. The credits that may apply are determined by the department. At least 30 credits of advanced coursework must be taken at SPHTM. 

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health is an academic research degree that prepares students for research roles in a variety of public health settings. The PhD provides an understanding of theory and mechanisms of a topic area, research methods for conducting original research, and problem-solving approaches in public health settings. Students obtain in-depth knowledge of a public health field plus skills in research applications and methods. Graduates are prepared for careers in academic research, research institutes, and agencies. The PhD in Public Health is offered with concentrations in:

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

The Doctor of Public Health is a professional doctoral degree that prepares students for leadership roles in public health practice. The DrPH builds on the five areas of public health as a foundation for problem solving and management in the practice world including local, state, federal, and international public health agencies and organizations. The DrPH is offered in the area of:

Doctoral Requirements

The requirements below must be fulfilled by all candidates for doctoral degree at SPHTM. Departments may have additional requirements beyond those listed.

  • Completion of a minimum of 72 total graduate credits beyond the baccalaureate degree
  • Up to 42 credits from a master's degree may be applied if directly applicable to the doctoral study and approved by the department
  • At least 30 credits in advanced coursework beyond the master's degree completed while enrolled at Tulane SPHTM.
  • No more than 12 credits of independent studies/research may be applied toward the doctoral degree
  • Successful completion of the comprehensive exam
  • Submission of a written prospectus on proposed research
  • Doctoral research resulting in successful defense of a dissertation

All doctoral students must obtain a broad interdisciplinary public health perspective. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 to remain in good standing. Departments may have more stringent standards for the GPA. Students who receive an F in a course will be dismissed from the program. The residency requirement is at least one academic year in full-time status. Continuous enrollment in the program is required. Doctoral degrees must be completed within seven years. Please see the Doctoral Students resources (intranet) for handbooks and FAQs, and seek departmental guidance in pursuing a doctoral degree.