Proposal Submission Program

The Tulane SPHTM Proposal Submission Program provides faculty with $500 in discretionary funds for each eligible research grant application that is submitted.


The proposal must:

  • Be the first submission for a substantively new application, competitive revision, or competitive renewal application to an extramural funding agency.
  • Generate indirect costs.
  • Meet or exceed $75,000 in direct costs over the total budget period
  • SPHTM must be the primary organization on the proposal (no subawards)
  • Be successfully submitted (not returned, rejected, or withdrawn). 

For proposals with multiple principal investigators who are SPHTM faculty, the $500 incentive is divided evenly among the SPHTM faculty members on the proposal.

Resubmissions, administrative supplements that are non-competitive, and other non-competitive proposals are not eligible. Proposals for which SPHTM is the consortium organization or subaward are not eligible (exceptions may be made if the subaward is issued via a competitive review process).

The PI must be a SPHTM faculty member (full- or part-time, joint appointments allowed), provided that SPHTM is the primary organization on the proposal.

Award Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Office of Research Development and Administration (ORDA) when they are routed for final submission, and ORDA staff will contact the PI to confirm that the proposal has been submitted successfully. Questions about the Proposal Submission Program should be directed to Associate Dean of Research David Chae ( The proposal submission program is effective for applications submitted between January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.