Karis Schoellmann, MPH

Assistant Professor

Suite 2300
Karis Schoellmann, MPH

Education & Affiliations

Universitaet Hamburg, Germany
BS, Tulane University
Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
MPH, Tulane University


Karis Schoellmann holds a joint appointment with Tulane and the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health (BFH). At the BFH she serves in a key leadership position as the Director of the Communications, Innovation and Action team, and is responsible for developing and managing the BFH's health communication/education activities, partnerships and community networks, best practice health promotion strategies, and system level actions. Additional areas of focus include ensuring effective translation of content expertise and epidemiological data for the development of key program publications and communication tools. She works to assure that intervention strategies are robust and effectively translate public health and behavior change theories into practice. She brings her practice experience, expertise and the "real world" into the classroom and is committed to offering students practical applications to theoretical and academic concepts and competencies. She teaches Social Marketing, Health Communication and the school's Behavioral core course.

Research Areas

  • Formative market research for womens' maternal and child health , specifically related to Preconception Health
  • SUID
  • Upstream provider influencers


GCHB 7010 Health Communication Theory and Practice