Degree Programs

Department of Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences considers the social determinants of health to improve the health of populations and to reduce health disparities and inequities. Students obtain strong skills for the planning, design, implementation, communication, and evaluation of preventive strategies and interventions at the community level.  Students also obtain skills in monitoring and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of programs and understand the impact of cultural diversity on communities in a global context.

The Department of Department of Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences offers the following degrees:

The MPH in Community Health Sciences is a professional degree that focuses on developing knowledge and skills to work with communities in addressing health needs and disparities and improving quality of life. Delivered in an online format.

The MPH in Maternal and Child Health is a professional degree that focuses on women’s health issues before, during, and after pregnancy and on children’s health from birth through adolescence in both domestic and global settings.

The MSPH in Nutrition is a professional degree that addresses the nutrition of individuals, households, and communities through complex issues related to the overabundance of food (obesity) and the lack of it (hunger) from behavioral, environmental, and socio-economic viewpoints.

The MPH in Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences is a professional degree in basic and applied public health program development, evaluation, and research to promote health equity.

The PhD in Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences is an academic doctoral degree that provides students with a strong theoretical knowledge of health promotion and behavioral change along with research methodologies and analytical skills. Community health is a choice for those who would like to work with people and have a desire to improve the health of people in communities and serve as community advocates. 

The Combined Degree Program is a path for continuous study from the bachelor’s degree through a master’s level professional degree at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.