Career Services Team

John Nonnamaker, PhD (he/him/his)

Director of Career Services
(504) 988-9872

John works with graduate public health students and alumni with a particular focus on masters and doctoral students. John received his bachelors and masters degrees from Michigan State University and his PhD from Fordham University. As someone who has completed the doctoral journey, John has a particular interest in assisting doctoral students in navigating their career development and the many career paths that are open to them. John serves on several school wide committees, including the Outreach to Special Student Populations Committee. 

Career Advisor for: Doctoral Students (All PhD and DRPH), Masters Students (All Health Policy and Management and Online Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences (MPH in Community Health Sciences)), Alumni

Best Career Advice: Network, Network, Network. One of the best ways to assess the culture of a potential employer is to speak with alums who are working there. Is this an environment in which you will thrive, contribute, and feel valued? You can gain deeper insight into the core values of an organization, such as their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. You will also learn about career paths and opportunities for advancement within an organization. 

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Photo of Abby

Abby Lukens, M.Ed. (she/her/hers)

Assistant Director of Career Services
(504) 988-7121

Abby works with both undergraduate and graduate public health students to offer career advising, instructional workshops, and employer information sessions. She is open to having difficult conversations around the unique transition from school to work and identity as it relates to career decisions. She is a graduate of Rhodes College and the University of New Orleans. She is a current doctoral student, with research interests in the relationship between gender roles and career planning in the transition out of college. 

Career Advisor for: Masters Students (Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health Sciences, International Health and Sustainable Development, Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases)

Best Career Advice: Negotiate salary upon receiving a job offer but before accepting a position. In the U.S., there are staggering disparities in pay for women, and even deeper disparities for Black, Asian, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic, and Multiracial workers Pay disparities additionally exist for LGBTQ+ workers. Do your salary research and know your worth when it comes time to negotiate. While this can seem scary, negotiating for a small amount now will have long-term effects on your income across the span of your life. 

The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

The Wage Gap Among LGBTQ+ Workers in the United States 

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Darrington Anderson headshot

Darrington Anderson, M.Ed. 

Career Advisor
(504) 988-2632 

Darrington works with both undergraduate and graduate public health students to offer career advising, instructional workshops, and employer information sessions. He is a graduate of Nicholls State University and the University of New Orleans. A higher education setting is something Darrington enjoys, from working with like-minded individuals, encouraging and supporting students, to being involved in work centered around diversity, inclusion, equity, and student life and activities. 

Career Advisor for: Undergraduate Students (All BSPH), Masters Students (residential Social, Behavioral, and Population Sciences)

Best Career Advice: Become more familiar with yourself and your inner voice, search for what it is that you as an individual would like to do as a career for the next possible 20 to 30 years. Focus on your natural abilities and interests and see which careers may line up with them. Working is something most of the world must do, but having a career where you are enjoying what you do is a way to have a more fulfilling and enjoyable work life. It can be eye opening to see the options that are available based on our abilities, passion, and interests. 

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