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MS in Clinical Investigation

The Master of Science in Clinical Investigation provides training in the methods and conduct of clinical investigation for future leaders in patient-oriented research. In addition to traditional instruction in biostatistics, epidemiology and study design, this program will provide students with a strong foundation in ethics and professionalism, while developing skills in critical thinking, communication of scientific findings, leadership, and study management. This one-year program begins in the Summer and is completed the following Spring.

Degree Program Requirements (entry prior to Fall 2018)

The MS in Clinical Investigation requires 42 credits. The program is grounded in epidemiology, the basic science of public health with the following requirements:

Epidemiology Required Courses (27 credits)

  • EPID 6030 Epidemiology Methods 1 (3)
  • EPID 6230 Computer Packages for Epi (2)
  • EPID 6340 Clinical and Translational Research Methods (3)
  • EPID 6420 Clinical Epidemiology (3)
  • EPID 7000 Department Seminar (1)
  • EPID 7120 Epidemiologic Methods II (3)
  • EPID 7130 Observational Epidemiology (3)
  • EPID 7170 Clinical Trials: Design, Conduct and Analysis (3)
  • EPID 7220 Analytic Epidemiology (3)
  • EPID 7310 Meta-analysis (3)

Biostatistics Required Courses (12 credits)

  • BIOS 6030 Introduction Biostatistics (3)
  • BIOS 6040 Intermediate Biostatistics (3)
  • BIOS 7060 Regression Analysis (3)
  • BIOS 7150 Categorical Data Analysis (3)

Elective courses (3 credits)

Selected from courses offered within the department, school, or university in consultation with an academic advisor.

Grounding in Public Health

  • BIOS 6030 Introduction Biostatistics (3)
  • EPID 6030 Epidemiologic Methods (3)
  • EPID 7000 Department Seminar (3)

Research Experience

EPID 9910 Master of Science Research Experience (0)


MS students must successfully complete a research thesis​ that demonstrates an ability to interpret current literature and conduct epidemiologic research and analysis.

Contact Us

Department Chair: Jiang He, MD, PhD

Program Director: Jiang He, MD, PhD

Department Administrator: Therese Carter

Email: epi@tulane.edu

Phone: (504) 988-6809

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