JBJ BSL3/ACL3 Core Facility


Our mission is to facilitate research studies requiring the use of high-risk pathogens for principal investigators (PIs). Located on the downtown health sciences center campus, the core is operated by the Department of Tropical Medicine and the Office of Biosafety. The core contains two high containment laboratories – a biosafety level 3 / animal biosafety level 3 (BSL3/ABSL3) laboratory and an arthropod containment level 3 (BSL3/ACL3) laboratory respectively. Technicians are trained to conduct animal and laboratory experiments at a BSL3 level and work in consultation with PIs to complete studies.

For entry, BSL3 training, respiratory fit testing, TB screening, and a negative COVID-19 test are required. Specific entry requirements and training will be determined in consultation with the Office of Biosafety and core staff.

Pricing, Availability, & Project Consultation

To schedule a project consultation or for pricing and availability, please contact Brendan Carter (Tropical Medicine; bcarter5@tulane.edu) and Nadia Golden (nabraham@tulane.edu) via email. Please contact the core team prior to grant submission if use of the core facility is expected.

To submit a project to the Core:

  • Submit a ‘Core Facility Request Form’ and ‘Sample Request Form’. Forms are available after initial consultation with Brendan, Nadia, and Tammy.
  • Submit an interdepartmental transfer (IT) to the ACL/BSL Core (4324A service code) with a Tulane account number with the following information:
    • BSL3/ACL3 Core Project # (provided by core team)
    • Project Title
    • Grant Number
    • Grant End Date o Billing Contact, Email, & Phone Number,
    • PI Name, Email, & Phone Number

Core Personnel


Dawn Wesson, PhD
ACL/BSL Core Director

Angie Birnbaum
Executive Director of Biosafety

Administrative Staff

Brendan Carter
BSL3/ACL3 Lab Supervisor
Department of Tropical Medicine
Office: JBJ 510

Nadia Golden
Project Manager, BSL3 Lab Senior Research Administrator, TNPRC