Degree Programs

The department's programs provide a foundation in parasitology, vector biology and infectious diseases etiology and treatment as well as the epidemiology and prevention of existing and emerging tropical diseases.

The Department of Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease offers the following degrees:

The MS in Tropical Medicine is a professional degree which provides a foundation in parasitology, vector biology, and infectious diseases of public health significance.

The MPH&TM is a professional degree that prepares public health practitioners to plan and evaluate disease control and prevention programs, physicians to better treat and evaluate tropical diseases, and students to pursue medical school and other medical professions. The MPH&TM has a clinical track for physicians.

The PhD in Tropical Medicine provides advanced coursework and basic and applied research in tropical diseases and their control.

The Combined Degree Program is a path for continuous study from the bachelor’s degree through a master’s level professional degree at the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.