Tropical Medicine MD/MPH Program Requirements

The Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (MPHTM) is a public health degree with a specialty in infectious diseases, and especially those diseases found in tropical regions. The program prepares public health practitioners to plan and evaluate disease control and prevention programs, physicians to better treat and evaluate tropical diseases, or students to pursue medical school and other medical professions. The curriculum consists of core public health courses and specialty courses in the biological, medical, social, and epidemiological aspects of diseases that are more prevalent in tropical countries. Physicians are able to pursue a clinical track and are eligible for the Certification Exam in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Traveler’s Health by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Program Competencies


  • Assess key elements affecting the pathogenesis and transmission of infectious diseases commonly found in the tropics.
  • Assess the risk factors influencing tropical disease prevention, control and diagnosis.
  • Apply identification appropriate techniques, as they relate to specific tropical disease pathogen and vector.
  • Critique relevant methods for planning and evaluating tropical disease control and prevention programs.
  • Apply appropriate diagnostic and treatment techniques for tropical diseases (clinical track only).
Admission Requirements

In addition to the SPHTM admission requirementsstudents enrolling in the clinical tract must hold a MD, DO, DVM, equivalents, or be concurrently enrolled in the Tulane University School of Medicine.

Degree Program Requirements

The MPH and Tropical Medicine degree for MD/MPH students requires a total of 42 credits, including 10 transfer credits for successful completion of public health relevant coursework at the Tulane School of Medicine (SOM).

Required SPHTM courses include:

SPHTM Foundational Requirements (15 credits)

  • SPHL 6020 Foundations of Public Health (3)
  • SPHL 6050 Biostatistics for Public Health (3)
  • SPHL 6060 Epidemiology for Public Health (3)
  • SPHL 6070 Health Systems Policy and Management (3)
  • SPHL 6080 Design Strategies for Public Health Programs (3)

MPHTM - Required Courses (16 credits)

  • TRMD 6050 Medical Helminthology (2)
  • TRMD 6070 Medical Protozoology (2)
  • TRMD 6090 Parasitology Laboratory (1)
  • TRMD 6310 Clinical Tropical Medicine (2)
  • TRMD 6330 Microbial Diseases of the Tropics (2)
  • TRMD 6340 Diagnostic Laboratory Methods in Microbiology (2)
  • TRMD 6360 Clinical Case Presentation in Tropical Medicine (1)
  • TRMD 6350 Disease Control in Developing Countries (2)
  • ​TRMD 7000 Tropical Medicine Seminar  - must take twice

Elective courses (1 credit)

  • Selected from courses offered within the department, school, or university in consultation with an academic advisor.

Other Elective Credits (10 credits)

  • MD/MPH students receive 10 credits transferred from the Tulane SOM for successfully completing specific coursework with public health relevance.

Practicum (SPHL 9980)

All MD/MPHTM students must complete a 200-hour field practicum during the MD/MPH Rotation, for which they will register in the SOM during their T3 or T4 year.


Integrative Learning Experience (SPHL 7950)

All students must complete an Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) (formerly culminating experience) that demonstrates the synthesis of foundational and concentration competencies.

MD/MPHTM students conduct a Public Health Analysis, typically between the end of T2 and T4 year.

Contact Us

MD/MPH Director: Adam Maese

MD/MPH Senior Program Coordinator: Rachael Ruiz Currier

MD/MPH Tropical Medicine Faculty Advisors:
Jo-Ann Jose, MD, MPH&TM
Latha Rajan, MD, MPH & TM
Margarita Silio, MD, MPH
Jeffrey Percak, MD


Phone: (504) 988-7055