Integrative Learning Experience

The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) integrates and applies public health knowledge and competencies acquired during coursework. All students in professional master’s programs (MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, MHA) must complete an Integrative Learning Experience.

Options for the ILE

  • Public health analysis
  • Comprehensive exam (not available in all programs)
  • Capstone course or integrated seminar (being developed by some programs)
Public Health Analysis

The Public Health Analysis, or PHA, is a planned project that addresses public health issues and solutions. The PHA may take many forms, including:

  • Investigating and proposing solutions to a public health problem 
  • Conducting a program evaluation or intervention
  • Developing a training manual
  • Critical review of a public health issue
  • Policy statement based on a critical analysis
Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is specific to each program and may be given in two formats: an essay exam with at least five questions that require in-depth responses integrating and applying the competencies; or an analysis of a case study designed to demonstrate the integration and application of program competencies. The comprehensive exam is generally an all-day exam.

Integrated Seminar

A department may offer a semester-long course or integrative seminar that investigates public health and professional issues. The course or seminar will be program specific, based specifically on program competencies.

Integrative Learning Experience Requirements

  • All options must integrate and apply the core and program competencies in the project.
  • Students produce a high-quality written document that could be used by external partners.
  • Students must do an oral presentation of either the culminating experience or the practicum.

Visit Inside SPHTM to download the ILE Handbook.