MPH in Disaster Management

Man in protective gear and wearing a harness being lowered into rushing waters

The MPH in Disaster Management program prepares professionals to apply scientific principles to prevent, detect, and mitigate environmental public health problems and threats associated with natural and technological disasters––locally to globally. Students gain skills to implement population-based interventions to protect communities, particularly vulnerable populations, from natural, accidental, and intentional disasters. This MPH offering is intended for both pre-professionals and mid-career individuals. Students typically have a background in a life or physical science or engineering.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the school's admission and application requirements for entrance into master's programs at SPHTM.

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Department Chair: Melissa Gonzales, PhD

Program Director: Stephen Murphy, PhD

Program Manager: Benjamin Bratcher


Phone: 504-988-3786 or 800-862-2122

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