CEMCH Faculty and Staff

The Tulane CEMCH works with a number of SPHTM faculty to advance MCH science, research, practice and policy, and achieve optimal maternal, infant, child, adolescent, and family health outcomes in the United States and Louisiana. Linking faculty and students in a research environment fosters a greater understanding of research techniques and awareness of national research priorities for our future public health professionals. Our diverse body of student and faculty provide a stimulating and innovative environment for MCH research and a link to practice. The CEMCH also provides support to teaching and exposure to practice that focuses on training students for leadership-oriented public health roles that embody the MCH competencies.

Alessandra Bazzano, sitting on a desk, smiling

Alessandra Bazzano, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor and Director of CEMCH
Expertise: Maternal and child health, nutrition, reproductive and sexual health, qualitative methods
Research: Maternal and child health in low income settings with special emphasis on behavioral and social aspects of maternal and newborn care in the community setting and care seeking for illness, community based nutrition, women's reproductive and sexual health and access to care

Danielle Broussard, smiling, headshot

Danielle L. Broussard, PhD, MPH
Research Assistant Professor
Expertise: Maternal and child health, women’s health, minority health, health equity, applied public health
Research: Quantitative and qualitative projects spanning maternal and child health, women’s health, and community health, with an emphasis on health equity and addressing the social determinants of health
Teaches required MCH course SBPS 6490 Key Policies and Programs in Maternal and Child Health

Gretchen Clum, smiling, headshot

Gretchen Clum, PhD, MS
Associate Professor and Interim Chair
Expertise: Violence and traumatic stress, adolescent and women's health, mental health, HIV prevention, nutrition and physical activity
Research: Relationships among stress and health outcomes in women, adolescent health, risk behaviors, PTSD, HIV prevention

Mark Dal Corso, smiling, headshot

Mark Dal Corso, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Expertise: Child health, preventive medicine
Research: Immigrant health

Francoise Grossman, headshot, smiling

Francoise Grossmann, RN, MPH
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Women's health, obstetrics, asynchronous Internet learning
Research: Preconception education, international women's health, health across the lifespan
Teaches required MCH Course SBPS 6510 Essential Issues in Maternal and Child Health

Shokufeh Ramirez, smiling, headshot

Shokufeh Mojgani Ramirez, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Associate Director of CEMCH, and Director of MCH Academic Program
Expertise: Public health practice, racial health equity, workforce development
Research: Preparing the public health workforce to address racism

Karis Schollman, smiling, headshot

Karis Schoellmann, MPH
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Applied public health, health promotion
Research: Formative market research, preconception health, sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), upstream provider influencers
Teaches required MCH course SBPS 7510 Maternal and Child Health: The Life Course Perspective

Katherine Theall, smiling, headshot

Katherine Theall, PhD, MPH
Expertise: Social epidemiology, women's reproductive health, research methods in social and behavioral sciences
Research: Women and children’s health, community and social network influences on health outcomes, race and gender inequities, substance use and mental health, social epidemiologic theory and methods

Dolville Vilda, smiling, headshot

Dovile Vilda, PhD, MSc
Research Assistant Professor
Expertise: Policy analysis, maternal and child health, women's health equity, reproductive health and rights
Research: Role of social determinants and state-level policies in contributing to the higher rates of maternal and infant mortality mixed methods
Teaches required MCH course SBPS 7250 Evidence-Based Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Maeve Wallace, headshot

Maeve Wallace, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, maternal and child health
Research: Social, structural, and policy determinants of maternal and child health and health inequities including structural racism, violence, health policy and human rights
Teaches required MCH course SBPS 7250 Evidence-Based Methods in Social and Behavioral Sciences