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MHA in the Combined Degree Program

The MHA program consists of a single program and students complete the MHA along with other students in their cohort over two years including the administrative residency. As a result, combined degree students may only begin the MHA program in the fall semester.

Students who are admitted to the BSPH, BS or BSM/MHA combined degree begin taking graduate elective coursework while completing their undergraduate degree. The MHA program requires a minimum of 60 graduate credits plus a 950-hour administrative residency. There is no waiver of requirements for combined degree students. Students are eligible to attempt to test out of several of these classes and proceed to the next class in sequence. BSPH, BS or BSM/MHA combined degree students may apply up to 12 credits from the following courses:

Fall Semester

HPAM 6050 Health Systems Concepts (3)
HPAM 6170 Quality Management in Healthcare (3)

Spring Semester

HPAM 6200 Introduction to Healthcare Analytics (3)
HPAM 6710 Information Systems (3)

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