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BSPH Student Resources

The Undergraduate Public Health Program provides an excellent education as well as an entryway to a rewarding career. We want you to enjoy your experience at Tulane and in the program. Below, you will find contact information as well as useful information for the public health student.

Undergraduate Public Health Staff
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Public Health Education    
Joesph Keating   
Program Director  
Elizabeth Langlois  
Program Manager   
Yasmin Hart  

Students can also connect with the Academic Advising Center.

Undergraduate Public Health SGA

The UPH SGA hosts events throughout the year, many of which serve as great networking opportunities for undergraduate public health students to meet with SPHTM alumni. The SGA also works with the graduate school on events that helps current undergraduate students get to know the graduate school and the opportunities for a combined degree. In 2016, the association sponsored the "Future of American Healthcare" event, which provided insight into the U.S. healthcare system under the president-elect.

  • President: Julie Cornfield  
  • Vice President: Sahil Inaganti
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Rosenberg
  • Secretary: Ethan Hume
  • Senators: Delaney Biggins, Julie Cornfield, Samuel Hoffman, Francesca Paparello
  • Senior Class Rep: Aislinn Roberts
  • Sophomore Class Rep: Maddy Drogy
  • Freshmen Class Reps: Emiko Distler, Sahil Inaganti, Grace Riley 
  • Communications Chair: Sarah Broussard 
  • Alumni Chair: Hannah Wahl
  • Events Chair: Sonali Bhatnagar, Benjamin Sichel  

For more information, email Julie Cornfield.

Study Abroad

There are many international programs that work well with our degree program and allow our students to integrate a semester abroad into their degree program. Please see this list of programs that have been assessed for public health academic credit. Students are welcome to go on other study abroad programs.

Students interested in studying abroad can get more information and start an application on the Tulane Office of Study Abroad website.

Students looking to find out which classes from the above programs will be approved for public health credit can use this course list.


Major/Minor Declaration - Use this form to formally declare a public health major or minor. Students must declare a primary major before the end of their fourth semester of enrollment (sophomore year).

Degree Audit Substitution Form - This form is used by faculty advisors to approve a class substitution in a major or minor, and to have that substitution appear on the students' degree audit.

Independent Study & Capstone Independent Study Form - Students can use this form to request registration for an Independent Study or Capstone Independent Study.  Students should fill out this form in conjunction with faculty, and turn it in to the program manager.