Undergraduate Public Health Student Resources

The Undergraduate Public Health Program provides an excellent education as well as an entryway to a rewarding career. We want you to enjoy your experience at Tulane and in the program. Below, you will find useful information for the public health student.

BSPH Student Handbook

View the 2023-2024 student handbook.

Declare a Public Health Major or Minor

Complete this online form to declare public health as a major or a minor. All students declaring a public health major must schedule an in-person appointment with Liz Langlois, the Program Director.

You can also use this Major/Minor Declaration form to declare a major or a minor. Students must declare a primary major before the end of their fourth semester of enrollment (sophomore year).

Study Abroad

There are many international programs that work well with our degree program and allow our students to integrate a semester abroad into their degree program. Please see this list of programs that have been assessed for public health academic credit. This list includes preapproved accepted classes, and some classes may not be offered currently. Use this handout to inform your choices in classes before seeking departmental approval. Students are welcome to go on other study abroad programs.

All study abroad courses are transferred as SPHU 5380/5390 OR as SPHU 4580 Capstone (with the completion of abroad capstone requirements and departmental approval). Capstone eligible courses are marked with an *.

Students interested in studying abroad can get more information and start an application on the Tulane Office of Study Abroad website.


Degree Audit Substitution Form - This form is used by faculty advisors to approve a class substitution in a major or minor, and to have that substitution appear on the students' degree audit.

Independent Study & Capstone Independent Study Form - Students can use this form to request registration for an Independent Study or Capstone Independent Study.  Students should fill out this form in conjunction with faculty, and turn it in to the program director.

Honors Thesis Registration Form - This form is separate from the prospectus turned into the Office of Academic Enrichment. This form is turned into the BSPH department for registration purposes.

BSPH Informational Documents

Elective Cluster Handout - This handout suggests ways you can group BSPH elective classes based on public health practice areas. These clusters are intended solely as examples to guide your choices.

Combined Degree Program Handout - This flyer provides general information about the Public Health Combined Degree Program. 

Capstone Internship Handout - Public Health majors who choose to do an internship for their capstone must participate in the CPS Internship Program. This flyer provides general information about how the CPS Internship Program works with the Public Health capstone requirement.

SPHTM Career Services

Students are supported in career development by School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Career Services, which works only with SPHTM students. Check out their website to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment, view tailored-made career resources, and more.

Undergraduate Public Health Studies WordPress Site

Students can find the latest information from the Undergraduate Public Health Studies department on our WordPress site. This site is a hub where public health undergrads can find announcements from the department, resources regarding internships and funding opportunities, information on the BSPH major, and more.