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Research Highlights

Woman receptionist with angry expression on face in a records office

Research uncovers how provider offices discriminate against patients seeking primary career

New research published in Economics Letters by the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine examines how differences in questions asked and information provided by a physician’s office contributes to inequalities in whether or not an individual is accepted as a new patient.The research was conducted by Dr. Janna Wisniewski and Dr. Brigham Walker, both research assistant professors in the Department of Health Policy and Management, as well as by researchers at Portland State University and Oakland University. Keep reading >>

Tulane study predicts rise in global child marriage due to COVID-19

The economic loss due to COVID-19 has been felt throughout the globe, and often those losses lead to more indirect, less visible impacts. Early in the pandemic, several faculty from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine partnered with UNICEF to project how COVID-related disruptions might impact the global rate of child marriages. Their research, outlined in a new publication, demonstrates how the pandemic has put an additional 10 million girls in danger of becoming child brides over the next decade. Keep reading >>

Searching for resistant bacteria living in nature

Doctoral candidate Laura Scott's research has focused on a single national park, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, which also funded her research. Over two summers Scott lived in a park cabin looking at the different ways visitor use impacts the incidence of resistant bacteria. For instance, how does having visitors walk through an area differ from visitors using the bathroom or touching animals impact the presence of bacteria. She also considered variables like elevation and what types of the bacteria will actually make humans sick. Keep reading >>