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Combined BSPH and MPH or MSPH

Students who are admitted to the combined degree program begin graduate coursework during their senior year then continue on to full-time graduate study following award of the BSPH degree. Full-time graduate study may then begin in either the fall or spring semester, which accommodates those who graduate in either May or December. (See Timeline for details.)

The MPH and MSPH degrees require 42 - 45 credits (depending on the program) plus a practicum and a culminating experience. There is no waiver of requirements for Combined Degree students. Combined Degree students may take four of the five graduate core courses during their senior year, for a total of 12 credits that may be applied to both the BSPH and the MPH/MSPH. Students are eligible to attempt to test out of several of these classes and proceed to the next class in sequence, as noted below. Combined Degree students select four of the following courses:

  • BIOS 6030 – Introductory Biostatistics (3 credits) - or BIOS 6040 Intermediate Biostatistics
  • EPID 6030 – Epidemiological Methods (3 credits)
  • GCHB 6030 – Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health (3 credits)
  • GEHS 6030 – Survey of Environmental Health (3 credits) - or GEHS 6610 Toxicology
  • GHSD 6030 – Introduction to Health Systems, Management and Policy (3 credits)
  • TRMD 6010 – Biological Basis of Disease (3 credits)*

Accepted Combined Degree students should meet with their faculty advisor early in their senior year to plan study that will incorporate the goals and competencies of the MPH or MSPH program they intend to pursue. Please note that accepted Combined Degree students must complete all requirements for the BSPH and graduate from the BSPH program.

The MPH/MSPH portion of the combined degree may be completed in approximately 1½- 2 years after graduation from the undergraduate BSPH. An MPH or MSPH degree typically takes 2 to 2½ years to complete, so the Combined Degree provides a time savings of approximately one (1) semester. Actual completion time may vary depending on the number of credits students complete per semester and the time to complete the practicum and culminating experience.

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*NOTE: While TRMD 6010 is no longer a core course requirement for public health graduate students, all MPH students are expected to have this knowledge and a challenge exam may be required. Combined Degree students may take this course their senior year as needed.