Vector Borne Infectious Diseases Research Center


The mission of the Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases Research Center is to address the complex challenges presented by bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens transmitted by diverse vectors and develop research programs investigating biological mechanisms of adaptation, mechanisms of pathogenesis, patterns of disease transmission, diagnostics, and development of tools to control Vector Borne Infectious Diseases.

Diseases caused by vector-borne pathogens are complex in nature, with multiple pathogen life cycle stages and unique mechanisms of adaptation in the human host, in different vectors and in some cases an intermediate host, and will require multi-disciplinary approaches to control them. Conducting innovative research projects and providing training opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists will create a cadre of successful scientists exposed to and equipped with a diverse array of complementary expertise, stepping beyond the confines of their individual disciplines and exploring a new team approach to the common goal of controlling Vector Borne Infectious Diseases.