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BIRCWH Scholars

The Tulane BIRCWH program has recruited a total of 33 scholars since its inception in 2002. Together, these individuals form a dynamic and diverse group of young researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Current BIRCWH IV Scholars

Joshua Bundy, PhD, MPH (BIRCWH Training October 1, 2019-Present)
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
BIRCWH Project: Optimal Cardiovascular Health and its Impact on Cardiovascular Disease in US Adults
Dr. Joshua Bundy returned to Tulane’s Department of Epidemiology as an Assistant Professor in July 2019 after a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in cardiovascular disease epidemiology at Northwestern University. Dr. Bundy previously completed his MPH and PhD degrees in epidemiology at Tulane and was active in epidemiologic research of cardiometabolic diseases. Dr. Bundy’s research seeks to identify men and women at high risk for cardiovascular disease by focusing on primordial prevention, subclinical disease, hypertension, and novel risk factors or therapeutic targets. Dr. Bundy is interested in discovering new risk factors via metabolomics, testing interventions in clinical trials, and employing innovative statistical approaches for evidence-based medicine, including novel risk prediction methods and exploring the intersection of technology and disease prevention.  
Yilin Yoshida, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine Yilin Yoshida, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine

BIRCWH Project: The Effect of Early Onset Menopause, Menopausal Hormone Therapy and Race on Excess Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Postmenopausal Women with Diabetes
Dr. Yilin Yoshida joined the Section of Endocrinology at Tulane School of Medicine in June 2019. Prior to that, she was a postdoctoral fellow and then appointed as a research faculty in Department of Health Management and Informatics at University of Missouri – Columbia. Dr. Yoshida completed her MPH at Tulane and PhD at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Yoshida’s research seeks to understand differences and disparities in cardiometabolic disease prevention and management. In particular, she is interested in prevention and control of diabetes and its complications among underrepresented and underserved populations, including women, racial minorities, and the elderly. Dr. Yoshida has been involved in several population-based diabetes research where she and her collaborators leverage large epidemiological data and real-world patients records to study patients’ outcomes.
Jerry Zifodya, MD, MPH&TM Jerry S. Zifodya, MD, MPH & TM
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Tulane University School of Medicine

BIRCWH Project: Sex differences in chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease in Kenyan adults with HIV
Dr. Zifodya first joined Tulane as a combined MD and MPH student in 2009. After graduation he trained in Internal Medicine at Vanderbilt University, followed by a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Washington. He then spent a year in Kisumu, Kenya as a Fogarty Global Health Research Fellow after which he joined the faculty at Tulane in November 2019. His research is focused on risk factors and prevalence of pulmonary and cardiovascular disease both of which have traditionally been understudied particularly in African women living with HIV. As a BIRCWH scholar, Dr. Zifodya will evaluate biomass exposure and explore inflammatory and immune activation responses in addition to transcriptomic differences that may contribute to sex differences in pulmonary and cardiovascular disease.