SPHTM Templates

The following PowerPoint templates should be used for all Tulane-related presentations, from those in a scientific or academic setting to those in a marketing or promotional setting. If for some reason these to not met your needs, please reach out to Dee Boling for assistance, dboling@tulane.edu.

Note that these templates are school-branded and include a variety of approved Tulane colors. You will also find a photo template for a vivid cover image at the end of the slide options. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Powerpoint File with all Templates

cover image for powerpoint templates
powerpoint template cover image
sample title page powerpoint template
another sample title page for powerpoint templates


Scientific Poster Presentation Templates

Below are two different versions of Scientific Posters in PowerPoint files. Version one is 36" H x 48" W and version two is 36" H x 54" W. Each includes school branding and some instructions for use. 

Powerpoint File for Scientific Poster - Version One

Scientific Poster Image

Powerpoint File for Scientific Poster - Version Two