LISTSERV Guidelines

The school maintains broadcast email lists for faculty, staff, and students.  These listservs are to be used for SPHTM school-wide official communications. These guidelines comply with the University requirements for broadcast e-mail using the Tulane systems.

  1. Use of SPHTM lists is restricted to members of the Tulane community.

  2. The proposed email message should be related to the business and mission of the school. The SPHTM listservs will be for official Tulane communications to SPHTM faculty, staff, and/or students.

  3. The message should be of significant importance to a large segment of SPHTM. 

  4. A weekly email compiling all events such as seminars, special speakers, or other Tulane-sponsored activities will be sent on Mondays. Separate email for events will not be sent out individually.  The events and activities will also be posted on the SPHTM website calendar which is populated via WaveSync. Please use this form for event promotion submitted by Thursdays at 12:00 noon, for the following Monday’s event announcement.

  5. Independent surveys from groups, both internal and external, are not sent via the listserv.

  6. Each email must identify an individual or departmental email address as its sender.

  7. Messages should be short and concise, approximately 100-150 words. For topics that require more information, summarize the email message and insert a link to more detailed information.

  8. Messages typically will be sent in plain text format.  Messages containing HTML, graphics, or attachments will be sent at the moderator's discretion.

  9. Emails of a personal nature, such as notices of items for sale, lost or found items, and solicitation of goods or services are not allowed.

  10. Please send employment listings to Career Services

  11. Messages that publicize or endorse causes (even a very good cause), such as relief efforts for victims of natural disasters or organizations seeking assistance are generally not allowed.

  12. Students should contact the SGA’s social media chair for alternative posting options. Send to and put “Attn: social media chair posting” in the title box of the e-mail.

  13. During certain times, such as weather emergencies or extraordinary circumstances, all broadcast email (except those related to the situation at hand) will be suspended at the discretion of the Office of the Dean.  Additionally, the Office of the Dean reserves the right to supersede broadcast guidelines in order to share necessary academic information to the SPHTM community.


Student listserv:

Faculty listserv:

Staff listserv: 

Event announcements:    use this form

Student alternate announcements:   Subject line: Attn: Social Media Chair Posting