The Tidewater Building has reopened. Construction work may be ongoing on floors impacted by the fire and sprinkler damage. Please consult with your supervisor/unit head before returning and have patience as all building functions are returned to service.

Software & Web Services


Tulane provides numerous software titles for use by the Tulane community. Availability and cost (if any) depends on university role - student, faculty or staff. Many titles are available for free though Tulane's AppsAnywhere software portal, All of the software found on that site can be run remotely via virtual desktop and some titles are available for download and installation on your local device. 

  • You must use your Tulane user ID and password to log in.

Software titles not listed in AppsAnywhere or ones you wish to install directly on your computer may require contacting the software vendor to purchase. Feel free to e-mail us or call (504) 988-2685 if you have any questions about specific titles. 


For discounted pricing on Stata, please click HERE and select "Student" or "Education." 

Web Services

Administrative software applications and web services developed specifically for Tulane.


Banner provides the features and processing capabilities needed for student information (admissions, registrations), financial aid information (needs analysis, packaging) and finance information (accounts receivable).

Go to to view Banner Orientation Videos, Quick References, and How to Instructional Materials

  • Banner Orientation
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  • Searching in Banner
  • Using Banner Forms

To schedule training please contact Lourdes Mega, Lead Trainer, Banner Administrative System of Record at or 988-8581.


Faculty & Staff Sign Up for Box Accounts

Faculty and staff can register online to activate their secure storage on,

What is Box/Box Sync?

Box online storage is like a hard drive in the cloud. Store documents and files in Box and then access them anywhere, anytime, from any device. Box also can sync files from your local hard disk, through the Box Sync software, automatically providing a backup that will always be available from other computers and devices. All Tulane faculty and staff have access to unlimited storage on Box and can view and access their content anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Who has access?

All Tulane Faculty and staff have access to storage on Box. Students do not have access to a Tulane provisioned Box account but may create personal accounts directly with with 10GB of storage.

HIPAA Protected Data

Tulane now has a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Box cloud storage that allows HIPAA protected data to be stored on Box.

Box Account Request for Non-Faculty or Staff

Tulane Box accounts are currently only available to Tulane faculty and staff.  Faculty and staff may visit to self-provision a personal Box account. Tulane faculty and staff may request and sponsor a Tulane Box account for Tulane students, affiliates, or other individuals with Tulane email accounts but who would otherwise not be eligible. All Tulane Box account requests must meet acceptable use guidelines and be approved.

Box Account Request for Non-Faculty or Staff

Box Account for Departmental or Resource Accounts

Tulane Box accounts may be associated with Tulane departmental or resource email accounts.  Tulane departmental or resource Box accounts are typically used to host shared data meant to be accessed by multiple users in an organization. New departmental or resource Box account requests must be submitted by Tulane faculty or staff.

To request a Tulane departmental or resource Box account, you will need to provide a Tulane departmental or resource email account. If you don’t already have one, you can request a Tulane departmental account, here. You will get an email from Microsoft with login details when your departmental email account has been created.

You will also need a name for the new Box account – something short and descriptive that relates to the department, organization, or function of the account.

Tulane departmental or resource Box accounts will be created with a 100GB storage quota.  This can be increased upon request.

Box Account for Departmental or Resource Accounts

Useful Box/Box Sync links


Tulane currently has two Cognos environments, Cognos Student and Cognos Financial. Please contact the Business Intelligence and Analytics Team via email at for account requests, training and documentation for these Cognos Business Intelligence systems.


Gibson is the gateway to online services at Tulane University for staff, faculty, and students. Go to

Office 365

Through Microsoft’s Office 365, Tulane faculty, students, and staff may now download the latest version of Office for installation to personally owned devices at no charge. Access to Office 2016 for Windows and Mac including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. With Office 365, you can install the latest version of Microsoft Office on multiple PCs, Macs, and tablets. If you save your work on OneDrive, you can work on the same document across all of your devices.

Click here for instructions on how to install.

If you need assistance installing Office 365, contact SPHTM-IT

SciQuest eProcurement

The Materials Management department is working on implementing the eProcurement platform, SciQuest, to replace TAMS Oracle for requisitioning and purchase order generation and Concur for check requests and most purchasing card orders. With SciQuest we will have a better guide to our major spend suppliers, and can thereby reduce the cost of needed supplies and services. We have already sourced office supplies through Staples, laboratory supplies through Fisher Scientific and computers and related accessories through Dell, Apple, and CDWG. The number of catalog suppliers in SciQuest will be expanding. 

Travel and entertainment reimbursements/expenses are not affected and will continue to be handled via Concur Travel/Expense.

Purchasing card policies and restrictions on certain categories of supplies and materials may change in the future. Users will find the SciQuest catalog portals easy to use and versatile. 

Tulane will be conducting hands-on SciQuest training sessions for university staff and faculty. Sessions will be held on both the Uptown and Health Sciences Center campuses.

Users may start using the SciQuest eProcurement application as soon as they complete training. 

To see when and where introductory training sessions will be held, please log in to with your Tulane user name and password and select the session you would like to attend. Depending on the training location, sessions may have a maximum number of attendees from 17 to 20 per session.

For more information about SciQuest, please click here.