The vision, mission, and core values of SPHTM-IT reflect our understanding and our key learnings from working together.


Excellence in Academic and Research Information Technology.


To provide the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with technological leadership by providing a secure, cost-efficient, stable computing environment; facilitating its objectives and creating new academic and research opportunities through the responsible application of technology.

We enable excellence by providing technology leadership to our faculty, and staff, helping them to offer the highest quality service to students. This takes the shape of staying out in front of the latest technology trends, setting schoolwide standards, taking an active development role on projects, and taking a project management role to assure that important technology investments come in on time, on budget and on specification.

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Customer Service, Leadership and Teamwork.

Our focus is to accomplish the mission through strong relationships with faculty and staff and to provide excellent customer service. Our values serve as a basis for our actions and decisions. They guide our work and hold us accountable to the vision we are striving to achieve.

We commit to the following core values:


  • Being open and trustworthy with customers and colleagues
  • Admitting if we do not know the answer or if we got it wrong
  • Aligning our words and deeds


  • Earning it by listening to our customers
  • Valuing all employees’ contributions and efforts
  • Allowing others to disagree with us


  • Using our creativity to find the right solutions
  • Taking risks
  • Driving growth through continuous process improvement

Customer Service

  • Providing truthful information and open communication
  • Putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes
  • Consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations


  • Empowering staff and each other with the freedom to succeed
  • Setting both technical and ethical standards of excellence
  • Taking a stand on things that matter


  • Setting aside our egos for the good of the customer
  • Treating each other as valued customers
  • Picking up each other’s workload to get projects done on time



Director, SPHTM-IT - Oscar Davila, MPS

Systems Administrator - John Gerone, MPH, PhD

User Services Analyst III - Mir Faisal Islam, MPH

User Services Analyst II - Ken Tyrolf, MPS

User Services Analyst I - David Butler