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IHSD Programs

Master of Public Health in International Health and Sustainable Development

The MPH in IHSD is designed to make graduates attractive for employment at international non-governmental organizations, public private partnerships, and non-profit research and consultancy firms. The curriculum offers a balance between structure and flexibility so that students can fulfill their unique academic needs with coursework that can adapt to important emerging areas in the field.

The hallmark of the program is advanced skills in monitoring and evaluation in a global context. In addition, part of the MPH education in IHSD is to familiarize students into the world of health interventions in low-to and middle-income countries, which is very different than the U.S. context.

The curriculum and applied learning opportunities draw upon Tulane's extensive overseas research, technical assistance work, and nearly four decades of experience in providing leadership training in international health to students from around the world.

Students complete a total of 45 credit hours, including the school's Foundational Curriculum that provides a cross-cutting, integrated approach to the knowledge and skills relevant to public health practice. Within the department courses, students get a grounding in areas such as monitoring and evaluation, social and behavioral aspects of global health, and health problems of developing societies. Health equity has become a particular focus of the entire school and promises to be interwoven throughout the curriculum. The program also offers courses in grant writing, health economics, and international health policy that can be applied to a content area.

Among the content areas that students can pursue are the following:

  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health
  • HIV and Infectious Disease
  • Complex Emergency, Resilience, and Food Security
  • Sustainable Development
  • Research Methods in International Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Nutrition

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Doctor of Philosophy in Social Behavioral and Population Sciences (SBPS) and International Health Sciences (IHSD)

The PhD in IHSD prepares the next generation of global public health researchers to conduct state-of-the-art research on global health and development issues, contributing to reducing inequities and to shaping a sustainable future for the planet. Students gain the skills to: identify, assess, and apply scientific theories and research methodologies; to conduct original scientific research studies in resource-constrained settings; to leverage research findings towards best practice and strategic planning for global health programs; and to teach, mentor and advise students, programs, development officials, and governments. During the program, students develop an understanding of relevant theories, the capacity to employ inter-disciplinary and mixed-method research approaches, cultural competency, and the skills for ethical conduct of research.

As part of the IHSD PhD, students will work alongside faculty, public health researchers, and their classmates, all of whom share a commitment to better global health, reduced inequities, and a more sustainable future.

Students must complete 49 credit hours of coursework beyond the baccalaureate. Students applying to the program are urged to visit the faculty page and identify one or more faculty member(s) whose work aligns with their interests. This faculty advisor will help guide coursework and mentors independent research in their specialized area.

Graduates will have in-depth expertise necessary for a research career, and are expected to develop careers in universities, medical schools, and other higher institutions of learning as faculty members or in research organizations globally. Graduates have been extremely successful in achieving influential jobs, with current alumni serving in senior positions in organizations such as the Gates Foundation, USAID, CDC, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, and other well-recognized NGOs, international nonprofits, and universities.

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