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Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates give students an avenue to earn additional skills to supplement their degree concentration the MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, or MHA degree programs. Graduate certificates are open to students currently enrolled in an SPHTM professional master’s degree program but are not available to online students unless they are in the New Orleans area.

Graduate certificates allow for a second area of study and have become a popular method for students to add value to their education. However, graduate certificates are not a degree program.

Forms to indicate your intention to add a certificate program to your academic studies are included on each of the certificate pages, along with instructions for completion.

Certificate Dept. Credits Eligible Students
Biostatistics BIOS 15 Not in MSPH Biostatistics Program
Community Health and Nutrition Programs SBPS 15 Not in MPH Nutrition Program
Disaster Management and Resilience EHS 15 Not in MPH Disaster Management Program
Environmental Health EHS 15 Not in MPH Environmental Health Sciences Program
Epidemiologic Methods EPID 15 Not in the MPH Epidemiology Program
Maternal and Child Health SBPS 15 Not in the MPH in Maternal and Child Health Program
Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation TRMD 15 All students (Students in the MPH in International Health and Development must work with advisors to avoid overlap of requirements)
Clinical Translational Research EPID 14 Advanced students with strong backgrounds in Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
Genetic Epidemiology EPID 15 Advanced students with backgrounds in Genetics and/or Molecular Biology 
Violence Prevention SBPS 12 All enrolled MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM degree students
Social Epidemiology EPID 12  All enrolled MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM degree students (Students in the MPH in Epidemiology must work with advisors to avoid overlap of requirements.)


Graduate certificate programs tuition is charged by the hour. Please visit the tuition and aid page.