Enrollment in a Certificate Program

Students currently enrolled in a MPH, MSPH, MPH&TM, or MHA degree may enroll in a graduate certificate program in addition to their degree. The certificate adds a second area of specialization to the professional master’s degree. Graduate certificates require approximately 15 credits. Open electives in degree programs may be applied to the certificates; however, no course may count toward both the degree concentration and the certificate. Most certificates will require additional credits above the 42-45 for the master’s degree. 

Steps to Enroll in a Graduate Certificate

  1. Discuss certificate options with your departmental advisor and plan out a course of study to determine the feasibility of the certificate. Determine the total number of credits and courses you will need to complete the certificate in addition to your master’s degree requirements. 
  2. Complete the Certificate enrollment form and have it signed by:
  • Certificate Advisor
  • Departmental Advisor
  • Departmental Administrator
  1. Bring the signed Graduate Certificate Enrollment form to the Office of Student Experience.
  2. Give a copy of the signed enrollment form to your administrator in your home department and in the department offering the certificate.

A student must officially withdraw from the certificate program if s/he decides not to complete the extra credits. Students may withdraw from the certificate at any time by written notification to the Office of Student Experience.