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SPHTM Freezer Farms

Long term storage and archival of valuable source samples

After Hurricane Katrina, Tulane University SPHTM arranged with the Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) to house 20 large size -80° freezers to store backup samples and valuable research materials for long-term storage. The TNPRC is 35 miles north of the SPTHM and survived Katrina without any major damage. This arrangement accommodates the needs of the departments whose work requires safeguarding valuable samples such as human or animal tissue samples, and who create special reagents such as DNA plasmids. The facility has both a backup generator for power as well as the CO2 back up capability and is not vulnerable to extreme weather events. All the freezers are hooked up to an electronic remote monitoring system that keeps track of temperature jumps and can alert the staff immediately. The contact information for each freezer is available for the staff to contact the PI also right away.

Download the Standard Operating Procedure for the SPHTM Freezer Farm