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Presented by Kirsten Dorans, PhD , Assistant Professor!

Hosted by America Walks

The approach the United States has taken to addressing teen pregnancy—a ubiquitous concern in teen education and perennial topic in popular culture—has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Specifically since the radical overhaul of welfare policy in 1996. Clare Daniel argues, teen pregnancy, previously regarded as a social problem requiring public solutions, is seen as an individual failure on the part of the teens involved. 



Featuring Tammy Lewis Wilborn, PhD, LPC-S, LPC/MHSP-S, NCC, Visiting Professor, the University of New Orleans, and Owner/Chief Clinical Officer, Wilborn Clinical Services.

About the Seminar:  Participants will participate in a mindfulness activity and group discussion to explore the impact of stereotypes and bias in research.  Recommendations for engaging in culturally-responsive research practices will be offered.

Featuring Joia Crear Perry, MD, FACOG, President, National Birth Equity Collaborative.

Featuring: Onika Jervis, National Director of Recruitment and Outreach, and Jewel Bush, National Communications Director, GirlTrek

Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, GirlTrek is a national health movement that encourages Black women and girls to use walking as the catalyst to lead a healthier life. Learn how GirlTrek is mobilizing one million Black women from across the nation to put self-care first and how this action of self-love will lead to healthier communities and a healthier world.