Can Food Security Prevent Violence?

Wednesday March 29th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Room: Online

Can Food Security Prevent Violence? – March 29, 2023 from 12 to 1 pm - REGISTER HERE.


Please review the following items in advance of this journal club.

Systematic review of food insecurity and violence against women and girls: Mixed methods findings from low-and middle-income settings.

What We Get Wrong When We Think About Food Insecurity | Leslie Campbell | TEDxYouth@PCI


Join the Violence Prevention Institute & Center for Youth Equity each month for a live, virtual discussion of current violence prevention research. Students, faculty, and community stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

A journal club is a gathering to discuss current scientific research. The discussions center around understanding the experimental design, critiquing the methods, and comprehending how conclusions were drawn from the research. Partnering with academic and lived experience experts, we can examine the impact violence prevention research has on New Orleans and use existing research to further the practice and theory of violence prevention research at Tulane and in the surrounding communities.

Transdisciplinary has been described as a practice that transgresses and transcends disciplinary boundaries by including non-academic stakeholders in the process of knowledge production. We value the expertise of community stakeholders and non-traditional scientists, and, as a result, strive to center their input in violence prevention research conducted by Tulane. At the end of a journal club, we want participants to start asking questions about who was included at every stage of designing, implementing, and disseminating research.

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