Emergency Preparedness

Tulane Alert Line: 877.862.8080 

Emergency Notices Website: emergency.tulane.edu

Tulane Emergency Preparedness

What's Your Plan?

Although the New Orleans area does not experience a hurricane threat every year, living with the possibility of a serious hurricane is part of living in New Orleans. Everyone – including students - must plan ahead in the event New Orleans is threatened by a hurricane. Plans should include an evacuation destination and transportation arrangements.

Develop a Plan Now. You want to have a plan in place long before a tropical wave begins churning off the coast of Africa. Identify a location where you can evacuate to within a short-day’s drive. Remember that in the event of an evacuation, there will be a lot of traffic so choose a location close enough to build in extra travel time. The home of a relative, a family friend, or a classmate’s family are all good options. Consider any pets or children you are responsible for in your plan. 

Arrange transportation. If you don’t own a car, make arrangements for transportation to your selected destination. Carpool with classmates to a nearby location or invite a friend with a car to your destination. Do not count on buses, trains, or planes being available.

Check your Tulane email. Once you have evacuated, the university (and the school) will communicate with you using your Tulane email. Be sure to check it often for status of the university and school so that you know when it is safe to return. 

Learn more by reading the school's Hurricane Plan, which includes timelines for various scenarios.

Resources to help you create a plan: