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Editing Your Faculty Profile

Getting Started

The first step is to log in! You can do that here: https://sph.tulane.edu/saml_login

Then you can either surf to your faculty page via the web site navigation, or, once logged in, click on the Manage menu link at the top (in the black menu), then on content. If you do not immediately see your page there, search for your last name in the "Title" box and hit "apply" as shown in image below. 

Your editing view of your faculty page should look like this:

Note the NEW DRAFT (2nd from the left)tab. That’s where you’ll click to access the editable regions of your page.

The BIG Picture

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you set about editing your profile page:

  • Use only the Chrome or Firefox browser to login to your profile for editing purposes. Drupal is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Please follow the formatting and style tips recommended in this document in order to ensure consistency across all faculty pages
  • Please do not upload photos that have not been sized properly. Send them to me: tbrown19@tulane.edu, and I will size them for you.
  • NEVER copy and paste directly from Word. This causes terrible things to happen to your page. Instead, copy your word doc info into a NotePad (or TextEdit if on a Mac) file and then copy and paste that into the field you are updating and reapply formatting.

Content Areas Overview

There are four basic areas you may edit, and within those areas are more specific types of content areas.

  • Primary Info: Name, title/rank, contact info, headshot, department, etc.
  • Biographical Info: Your brief bio. Raison d’etre, awards, NCBI link, grants you’re working on, other info you want to share.
  • Faculty Info: Your list of research areas, courses you teach, education & affiliations
  • Social: Add your research website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. here. You can also upload a video here too.

Primary Info

You probably won’t be changing much in this area unless your rank changes or you have a new photo you want to use.

  • Always show your professor rank in the first subtitle text box. Add director or other titles in second or third subtitle areas as needed.
  • Always leave the Faculty box checked in addition to your affiliation box. For example, if you’re an Assistant Professor, you’ll have both the Faculty AND the Assistant Professor boxes checked. This ensures that you appear on your department’s main faculty listing page.
  • The department is set for all faculty pages, and this would only change if you moved to another department or become affiliated with two departments.

Biographical Info


This is your basic personal statement area.

These are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing areas. You may type freely in the area.

  • Please remember to never, ever copy and paste from Word in this, or any other area of the page).
  • Just beneath both content areas is a choice for text format. The default is “Filtered HTML.” This should cover most of your editing needs. If you need a few more tools, choose “Full HTML” from the list.


We are not currently using the publications content area, but you may add your publications there manually if you wish. Please follow the default format for publication info used on the NCBI site, which is:

Title, Authors (last name, first initial, Journal, Year, Volume #, Page #, followed by PubMed, PMID, and PMCID if applicable.

Please punctuate as illustrated in the sample above.

The school prefers that faculty add their link to their NCBI (pubmed) listings. Here are some resources to assist with that process.

Setting up your NCBI link


This area is a default text area. Here you can share personal or recreational interests like fly-fishing, cycling, roller derby etc.

Honors & Awards

List honors and awards here. Please use the following formatting:

  • Bullet points
  • Most recent to oldest
  • Five seems to be the content cutoff. You can enter more, but depending on name of the award, the charcters do cut off. 
  • Formatting: Year: Award, location or affiliation

Faculty Info

Research areas

List at least THREE main research areas here. Use bullet points.


Add your courses taught here. Use the format shown in the image below. You can add additional text boxes for courses by clicking on the “Add another item” button.


You may upload your CV to your page if you wish. Before uploading your CV, please save it to your computer using the following naming convention: Last Name First Name CV.PDF

Education & Affiliations

List your degrees and affiliations here in reverse chronological order (most recent to earliest) using the following format:

  • PhD, Medical Sociology, University of Michigan

Do not add the year you earned the degree.


Add your Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook URL. These will populate the profile info area in the blue box next to your photo.

*You might not see these icons populate your profile while logged in. Visit your page in another browser to verify that they are visible on your live profile.

If you have a video you’d like to add, please send it to me and I will add it if it’s in a compatible format.

Finishing up.

The pages are set up to go to moderation, meaning they will come to me for review and I will publish them.  You still need to hit "Publish," but please send me an email and I will review the edits and then make them live. 

If you get stuck, email me Tara at tbrown19@tulane.edu, and describe the issues you're having.