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A Call to Action: Callie Habrun

photo of Callie Habrun

Today's story comes from Callie Habrun, DVM, and a second-year student in MPH&TM:

I am doing contact tracing in New Mexico. I work full-time as an epidemiologist at the University of New Mexico Emerging Infections Program conducting population-based disease surveillance. Recently, we have been assisting with contact tracing in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in New Mexico.

I’m a second year MPH&TM, but I’m a veterinarian by training. I’m a New Orleans native, but my husband is in the Air Force and stationed in New Mexico, which is why I worked out my schedule to finish my last semester in New Mexico with him. I did my practicum with the Emerging Infections program this summer and they hired me when I finished. I worked part-time remotely for them last semester while I was in New Orleans and then started full-time when I moved back.