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Occasionally, department administrators are asked to retrieve articles for faculty members. This session reviews how to find and retrieve the articles.

PubMed, the largest database of biomedical research, is undergoing a large redesign which will be live in November. In this brief hands-on session, we will explore the changes to PubMed such as the search interface, results algorithm, navigation, and more. This session would be useful for the new or experienced PubMed user.

Teaching assistants and faculty are often asked by students how to perform literature reviews.  In this workshop, you will discover tools to help students construct questions, search, cite and write manuscripts

Come hear Brett Davis, a New Orleans native and the founder of Grounds Krewe and Dana Eness, Executive Director of Urban Conservancy, discuss how their non-profits are collaborating to make our city's special events more environmentally conscious.  Their goals include providing the tools and services necessary to help special events in New Orleans reduce waste and improve efficiency.  Ground Krewe's initiatives include "On the Route" parade recycling, a sustainable Mardi Gras throws catalog, and the waste reduction marching krewe - the Trashformers.

Join us for a great talk from our State Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Gary Balsamo, as he tells us about how cooperation between medical, veterinary, and wildlife disciplines is functioning and has functioned in Rabies, vector-borne disease, bacterial, and viral disease surveillance and response during his tenure at the Office of Public Health in Louisiana.

Using his group’s national and international studies of built environments and physical activity, Dr. Sallis will describe the growth of policy-oriented research that is highly interdisciplinary in nature. He will provide a summary of what has been learned as well as related policy recommendations. He will emphasize the need, and propose several options, for translating research to practice and policy, drawing from a newly-published model. The talk will end with evidence that physical activity research is making an impact on policy and practice.



Tulane University Translational Science Grand Rounds: "The Death of Evidence," Presented by: Jonathan Samet, MD, MS (Dean and Professor, Colorado School of Public Health)

Lunch will be served at 11:30 AMTraslational Science Grand Rounds: "The Death of Evidence" Flyer

Dr. Embers will be presenting "Diagnosing and Curing Late Stage Lyme Disease: Challenge Accepted" which will address the sensitivity of current diagnostic tests for Lyme disease as it varies by stage of disease. She will discuss the test they have developed that is aimed at diagnosing Lyme disease at all phases of the infection.  Furthermore, the question of the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease has long been contentious among physicians and researchers.  Her team has shown that in nonhuman primates, intact spirochetes can persist following antibiotic treatment.  Dr.

Dr. Emily Harville, Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicne, will present how preconception cardiovascular health and preganacy health are interrelated.  She will discuss how a lifecourse approach might be necessary to understand pregnancy complications and cardiovascular disease and how these complications can be cross generational.  The Tulane Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health and Tulane Prevention Research Center are sponsoring the webinar.