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Split photo, one side showing a traditional cheeseburger, the other side showing a chicken sandwich on a bun
Swapping just one item can make diets substantially more planet-friendly
  If Americans swappped one serving of beef per day for chicken, their diets' greenhouse gas emissions would fall by an average of 48 percent and water-use impact by 30 percent, according to the study. Photo by iStock. If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better for the planet, a new Tulane...
01/15/2016 - 11:00 - Naomi King Englar

Residents in two New Orleans neighborhoods will work with Tulane University faculty and staff members to document what impacts their health through pictures, thanks to a recent grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation. The $25,000 grant will be used for a “photovoice” project, as part of the...


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