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Tulane Public Health adds new segment to Tulane Outbreak Daily

April 21, 2020 10:00 AM

The Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine is adding a new video segment to the Tulane Outbreak Daily, designed to cover stories of the COVID-19 epidemic from around the world, especially places that are not as prominent in the news. This new segment is called Notes from the Field.

The Tulane Outbreak Daily newsletter is delivered Monday through Friday and curates the most significant, non-partisan news from media sources around the globe, as well as important scientific reports, data sets, and publications. Notes from the Field will appear in its own section at as well as in an easy access section on the home page.

The novel coronavirus arrived first in Asia and is arriving last in South America and Africa. These countries and municipalities have government and health care structures that are both similar and different from the United States. The experience in the larger cities, across neighborhoods, and in rural communities may also be quite different.

To explore the situation in each of these locales, Tulane faculty and staff conduct video interviews of faculty, alumni, public officials, community workers, and friends working in a variety of countries like Kenya, Peru, Brazil, and more.

From time to time messages submitted from students, faculty, and alumni studying and working abroad will also be included in Notes from the Field. The video interviews will be edited to be short (2-3 min), but links to the full interviews will be included with each video.

The first segment featured is with Dr. Valerie Paz Soldan, associate professor of global community health and behavioral sciences and director of Tulane’s Health Office for Latin America. Dr. Paz Soldan describes the situation in Peru, particularly what has helped that South American country avoid a larger impact from COVID-19.