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Inclusive Process

Strategic plans are not created in isolation, even though that's a common belief. If they are, they probably are not understood by the organization as a whole. If a strategic plan isn't understood; it's doomed. And we can't risk that.

So, you'll be asked to share your feedback on survey instruments. You may be asked to participate in focus groups or a task force or in a round table discussion. The purpose of these discussions is to provide perspective on key elements of the plan: the focus areas, the ways of measuring success, identification of strengths and weaknesses. This doesn't mean single voices with single interests drive decision making. On the contrary, it means that achieving shared goals requires sharing perspectives.

Because strategic planning may be a new experience for many in our community, there may be hesitation to contribute when asked to give feedback. This is natural. We must be mindful of this and ensure that any requests for feedback have follow up, that we have clear explanations of how our discussions and survey data contribute to the plan; and that our time and contributions have been worthwhile.