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The SPHTM Faculty Affairs and Development Office is pleased to offer lunchtime workshops this semester to help faculty get to know School and University resources available to them as well as to dig into specific topics around teaching, service, and research.

Learn about past public health communication campaigns about strategies used against mis/dis and malinformation.

Registration is required for this event. Register here: https://tulane.libcal.com/calendar/11410/Infodemics?hs=a

The Zoom link for this workshop will be provided immediately after registration.

As of 2016, most NIH and AHRQ research grant applications are required to comply with the NIH Policy on Rigor and Reproducibility. In addition to federal funders, many publishers are also now requiring "Reproducibility Guidelines".

In this workshop we will provide a brief overview of best practices in reproducibility including creating unique identifiers, file naming, and general guidelines put forth by medical and science academic publishers. We will also show some of the tools available to help you meet these new guidelines.

According to the Consumer Price Index, from 2006-2016, the cost of college students' textbooks increased by 88% (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). It is estimated that on average, full-time college students enrolled in a 4-year institution spent 1,240$ in 2019-2020 on textbooks (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org). One way faculty and staff can address this equity issue is to assign open educational resources (OERs) instead of traditional costly textbooks in their classes.

Have you ever received an email inviting you to publish in a scholarly journal? Have you been unsure of the quality of that journal – perhaps they are a new start-up, and not yet known, or perhaps the journal is produced by a predatory publisher looking to take advantage of authors Recently, it has become harder and harder to distinguish the trustworthy journals from predatory journals.

Curious about publishing in an OA journal but worried about the quality of the publication? Confused over article processing fees, and the different types of open access formats currently available (ex., Gold, green, and hybrid)? This workshop will provide an overview of OA Publishing, including types of OA policies, resources to evaluate publishers and journals, and how OA can promote your research.

This workshop will be: In-person and/or through Zoom.

Take control of your online scholarly presence and reputation. This workshop will focus on how to manage your online professional identity in order to increase your visibility and impact. Attendees will learn about author identifiers, academic networking sites, and ways to efficiently manage their online presence.

Registration is required for this event. Register here: https://tulane.libcal.com/event/8050170?hs=a

The Zoom link for this workshop will be provided immediately after registration.

You have your research idea, have already started thinking about data collections, and now it’s time to think about where to publish your findings. Choosing the correct journal, can mean higher visibility and impact of your work but which Journal to select isn’t always an obvious choice.

Locating the full-test of interview schedules, tests, scales, or measurements can be a very tricky task! This workshop will cover the best practices on how to locate or identify:

1) Known "unpublished" tests, scales, and measurements

2) Known "published tests, scales and measurements

3) Relevant and reputable tests and measurements for your research question

4) Validity and reliability of tests, scales, and measurements. 

Interested in starting a new academic journal or transitioning an existing print or online journal to an open access platform? In this workshop we will consider how to transform scholarship by engaging in open access publishing via the Tulane Journal Publishing platform.

Registration is required for this event. Register here: https://tulane.libcal.com/event/8134385?hs=a

The Zoom link for this workshop will be provided immediately after registration. 


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