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Luch served at 11:30 am.

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Lunch at 11:30 am 


Friday, Nov. 8th at 3:30pm, to be followed immediately by a reception Uptown Campus, Newcomb Institute, The Commons, Diboll Gallery

**The Psychology Department is grateful to the Newcomb Institute for donating their space for this talk**

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Predictable control of gene expression within living systems is vital to achieve high production yields and titers by dynamically controlling when biochemical pathways are turned off or on. Genetic‘parts’ must be developed that can enable userdefined gene expression both as sensing elements, where environmental inputs result in ‘readable’outputs, and as DNA-based ‘knobs’, where userdefined inputs result in precise levels of expression.

Please RSVP to register for this event to by 11/4/19

Reception to follow

Free Lunch for participants

What makes a man? And what makes a man masculine? These are both questions that pop culture, society, academics, communities, and individuals across the world have been attempting to answer for years. When it comes to masculinity, our conversation is anything but binary. Even with the ever-fluctuating meaning of the term masculinity, Tim Mousseau is convinced of one thing: students want to have conversations on what defines manhood. Even more, they want to understand what it means to express this idea in a positive way.