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About the SPHL 6020 Foundations in Public Health Challenge Exam

Who should consider taking the challenge exam?

Degree-seeking graduate students who do not have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Tulane need to take SPHL 6020 or pass the challenge exam with a score of at least 70.


Who doesn't have to consider taking the challenge exam or SPHL 6020?

Tulane BSPH graduates do not have to take SPHL 6020 or pass the challenge exam because the foundational competencies required in SPHL 6020 have been completed in the undergraduate program. The BSPH curriculum has been documented to satisfy the 6020 competencies.


When do students take the challenge exam?

Students can take the challenge exam on one of the following dates from 1:00pm –3:00pm. 11/16/18, 12/07/18, and 01/11/19. Students can register and take the challenge exam one time only.


Where do students go to take the challenge exam?

Students take the exam on computers in the computer lab at Tidewater, Room 1218.


When do students know their results?

Students will receive their results within minutes of submitting the exam in Canvas. Students must score at least 70 points to pass and can sit for the exam one time only. Students who score below 70 points must register for SPHL 6020 in their next semester of study.


How do students register for the challenge exam?

Students can register for the challenge exam up until 11:59pm 11/13/18. To register, fill out the form and email it to the coordinator. Steps:


How do students take the challenge exam?

Students who have received registration confirmation should plan to arrive at the correct day, time, and room provided in that email. They should bring their Tulane IDs or other picture ID. A proctor will be on hand to help them sign in and get set up at a computer. The exam is comprised of 50 multiple choice questions that relate to the required D1 competencies addressed in the course. Students have 2 hours to complete the exam and may submit one time only.


How is the SPHL 6020 waiver processed?

Confirmation of successful completion of the challenge exam is sent to the Office of Student Affairs for the student’s record and also to the departmental Program Managers to confirm waiver of the course.Passing the challenge exam waives the SPHL 6020 course requirement but does not give degree credit.