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A Call to Action: Dr. Julie Hernandez and Dr. Janna Wisniewski

students working with MRC

Today we are featuring two Health Policy and Management department faculty who are volunteering at the Community Testing Center at the Mahalia Jackson theater, Dr. Julie Hernandez and Dr. Janna Wisniewski. Dr. Hernandez sent some photos from the community testing site.

Also shown in the photos are Bianka Northland, MD/MPH, and Katherine Cironi, both first year med students (seen here practicing physical distancing).

Dr. Hernandez also noted "We’re not supposed to play with our phones around the hot zones, so all of the photos were taken from faraway, but the Tulane contingent is here in force, including former students of mine, I am so damn proud of them."

Her final message was to "Stay home and stay safe y’all!"