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Teaching Assistants Information

TA Training Program

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Student Experience have partnered in this training effort to enhance the teaching and learning experience at the SPHTM.  This training is targeted to students who have been selected by faculty to serve as TAs for the summer semester and those who may wish to TA this fall.


Eligibility for TA Training

  1. TAs must be full time SPHTM graduate students
  2. They must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.  

Does taking TA training guarantee a TA job?

No, taking TA training does not guarantee a TA job. Students should contact course instructors as they are the ones who select TAs for their courses. Instructors will often look for students who have taken their course, so they have the knowledge and skills taught in the course.


TA Training Overview

The mandatory TA training program is one of 4 requirements to be considered for a teaching assistantship in both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

The 2-Part TA training covers ethics, academic standards, honor code, payroll, instructional technology, and student-centered teaching practices. Upon completion of both parts of the training, students received a certificate and will be added to the list of students qualified to TA.


Fall 2022 Teaching Assistant (TA) Orientation and Training:

The TA Canvas course opens at 9:00am on July 11, 2022. All modules must be completed by 11:59pm, August 5, 2022. An email will be sent to all SPHTM students with enrollment information soon. Note: The TA training requires submission of the Confidentiality Agreement, Bio Sheet, posting on a discussion board and several knowledge checks.


Training Location

Part 1: 2-hour Independent Study with One Discussion Board in Canvas

Part 1 is an asynchronous intensive in Canvas with 3 modules that incorporate administrative information for payroll, responsibilities, and confidentiality as well as instructional technology lessons in Canvas, Zoom, and Yuja. It requires submission of the Confidentiality Agreement, Bio Sheet, posting on a discussion board and several knowledge checks. The modules take about 2 hours to complete, but students have 1 week to do so.

Part 2: 1- ½ Hour Live Zoom Session

Part 2 is synchronous. This 1- ½ hour Zoom session is scheduled on the 2 days following completion of Part 1. Students apply learnings from Part 1 during the live session and get valuable practice with the instructional technology.

There are two offerings for this part of the training. Students choose one to attend.



Purpose and supporting learning objectives

  1. Contact the right support person for questions or concerns related to payroll, the course and instructors, teaching, students, or FERPA. (Module 1)
  2. Determine eligibility to serve as a teaching assistant. (Module 1)
  3. Explain what the confidentiality agreement is for. (Module 2)
  4. Recognize breeches of academic integrity and address them. (Module 2)
  5. List TA responsibilities and non-responsibilities. (Module 2)
  6. Recognize professional behaviors in yourself and others. (Module 2)
  7. Identify strategies to foster a positive, inclusive learning environment. (Module 2)
  8. Set up and run a Zoom session with breakout rooms and recordings. (Module 3)
  9. Record and upload a video using Yuga or other software. (Module 3)
  10. Grade assignments, quizzes and post grades in Canvas. (Module 3)
  11. Set up assignments, quizzes, and discussions in Canvas. (Module 3)
  12. Identify where to find Respondus Lockdown and Proctoring instructions. (Module 3)
  13. Use Turnitin with an assignment. (Module 3)
  14. Host a Zoom session and manage meeting functions (Live Session)
  15. Explain the importance of announcements and other online student communications. (Live session)

For more information

Please fill out this form to officially request a TA position to be posted to Handshake, the Tulane hub for jobs, internships, and student employment.

If you have questions about the TA Training contact Avery Peterson at apeterson1@tulane.edu.

For questions about the hiring process and appointments to the Online MPH program, contact Kathleen Carniero at kcarneir@tulane.edu.

Please note that the Office of Student Experience maintains a list of trained and approved Teaching Assistants. This list also includes information on the courses and topics that the trained TAs are interested in supporting. This list can be referenced by the individual departments and faculty members looking for TAs. Please contact Rozanne Bailey rbailey@tulane.edu to access the list.


School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Graduate Teaching Assistant Policies and Guidelines