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Get to know our new dean, Dr. Thomas LaVeist

Students United for Reproductive Freedom (SURF- TUPH)




SURF-TUPH has a mission to improve the reproductive freedom of New Orleanians through partnership with organizations in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area. We aim to bring the knowledge, passion, and resources of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine to organizations that improve public health outcomes surrounding reproduction and sexual choice, communities in need of support for their efforts in the achievement of reproductive equality, and ultimately to the individuals and populations that are most deprived of reproductive choice. This includes people of any and all ages and genders.


We believe in a world free from health inequality, and where all people have the right to choose when, where, and how to have a healthy family. As students we come with recent education, fresh perspective, and the dedication of aspiring professionals. We aim to make our presence and our belief in the right of all people to achieve reproductive freedom an integral part of the support network that contributes to the foundation of reproductive justice in New Orleans.


The officers for the 2017-18 academic year are:

President: Mariel Dronson
Vice President: Ashlee Walker
Secretary: Jinnesse Taylor
Treasurer: Tessa Sullivan
Community Outreach Coordinator: Lily Rubin-Miller

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